From the Executive Director

Teaching is still the same as it always was and always will be…When educational staff and teachers-to-be first fantasize about their upcoming role, the initial images they play in their minds have been timelessly re-perpetuated throughout the generations. They think of getting through to young minds and molding inspired learners and citizens, or of their passion for their subject, or of making a difference in the world. These ideals have always been the bedrock of education, regardless of the generation we find ourselves in.

Parent Corner

Batavia Special-Education Networks' Second Annual Parent Resource Fair will be held on Thursday, January 22, 2015. For more information click here.
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Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative Newsletter -December, 2014

Notes from the Executive Director

It's the end of of 2014 already! What happened to this year?? I apologize for the delay in this newsletter. My husband and I decided to take advantage of a rare opportunity when both of our sons are available to go skiing with us.  We thought it would be great to escape the "holiday madness". What id did instead was push the madness up a week! We are excited to go the Washington state to ski the Cascades this year. It will be a first for us. It's been raining a lot there, so pray for snow!

Upcoming Events

1/8: Balanced Assessment
1/13 & 14: CHAMPS Training: Classroom Positive Behavior Strategies
1/16 & 30: Transition Compliance: Indicator 13, Transitional Goals Training and Workshop
1/27: CPI Initial Training