From the Executive Director

Welcome Back to the New School Year!

After many, many years in education, I am still so excited and happy when the staff return all energized and ready to start the new year.  But, my favorite part is when the students arrive!  We plan for it all summer and it’s finally here!  I am sending my best wishes to the students, their families and the staff who serve them for a wonderful, productive, safe and happy new school year.  




Parent Corner

Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative Newsletter -October, 2016

Notes from the Executive Director
Ok! Since it's the end of October already, I thought I'd better finish up! When I was in my doctorate program (22 long years ago), my committee chair used to chide me, "Finish! It doesn't have to be perfect! Just finish!" That's the way I feel about the newsletter. I just want to include every scrap of information because there is so much going on!
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Upcoming Events

12/9/2016   Social Work Professional Development Network 
1/27/2017   Psychologist Professional Development Network
1/27/2017   Speech and Language Network Meeting
1/30/2017   CPI Initial
1/31/2017   CPI Refresher
4/21/2017  Psychologist/ Social Work Professional Development Network 
4/28/2017  Speech and Language Network Meeting