Human Resources

The primary responsibility of the Human Resources Department is to recruit and retain the highest quality permanent and substitute staff to support student learning. The Human Resources Department:

  1. Serves as the initial contact for job applicants and a resource for new hires
  2. Assures employees are properly certified or licensed
  3. Administers employment contracts and work calendars
  4. Maintains personnel records and performance evaluations
  5. Implements collective bargaining agreements and labor relations
  6. Administers the employee benefit programs offered to staff

Nancy Sporer, Director of Business & HR Services Nancy.Sporer@d303.org (331) 228-4928

Karin Alber, Administrative Assistant Karin.Alber@d303.org (331) 228-5964

Lisa Sestak, Administrative Assistant Lisa.Sestak@d303.org (331) 228-5512