Little hands and voices

Coordinator: Melissa Jackson, 331-228-5995Melissa.Jackson@d303.org
Fabyan Elementary School, District 304
0S350 Grengs Lane, Geneva, IL 60134
Teacher: Ms. Raven Stromek, 331-228-5537

Little Hands and Voices (LHV) is an instructional preschool program for students with mild to severe hearing impairments. The program is designed to develop communication skills of preschoolers (ages 3 through 5) with hearing impairments to age-appropriate levels. The LHV program offers a small, structured classroom and is staffed on a 1:4 ratio, generally with a teacher and a classroom assistant.

Program components of Little Hands and Voices:

  • The classroom utilizes small instructional groupings that focus on the development of speech and language skills and academic readiness skills.
  • Equal emphasis is placed on the acquisition of receptive and expressive language skills, speech production and listening skills.
  • Most students wear amplification equipment to utilize their residual hearing and to systematically develop listening skills.
  • Total Communication is employed as an instructional approach; the communication approach used by each individual child is based on student needs and family preferences. All communication modes are accommodated, including Auditory/Oral, Total Communication, and the use of speech reading.
  • Auditory habilitation, speech reading, and the use of assistive technology (FM systems) also are emphasized.
  • Daily schedule includes snack/lunch time, structured physical activities and opportunities for cooperative play.