About District Resources

Mid-Valley’s purpose is to support member districts in serving students with disabilities and their families by providing direct services to students, assistance to district staff and support for state and federal requirements.

Program Referrals. If you would like to make a referral to or visit a program, the referral procedures and forms are included in this section. Please remember that district administrative approval is required for a consultation regarding a potential referral, a visit to the program, or an actual placement in the program. And, of course, these decisions must be made within the context of the IEP team.

Technical Assistance. Mid-Valley provides technical assistance and consultation to MVSEC and member district staff when there are areas of concern that cannot be addressed with the typical available resources. Behavioral or assistive technology assistance may include consultation with individual teachers, parents or entire team members. Student observations, reviews of records, and/or conversations with private providers or administrators also may be a part of this service. In addition, technical assistants may make suggestions, assist with the creation of plans, or provide professional development, as needed. A request for these services must be approved by district administration.

Professional Development. Annually, in collaboration with the member districts, MVSEC conducts a survey of staff and parents regarding the services and necessary professional development. Then, Mid-Valley arranges for and provides professional development for MVSEC and member district staff on a wide variety of topics. These topics may include strategies for improving behavior, effective methods for students with autism, successful IEP writing, the use of assistive technology, etc. These topics are revisited each year and are refined for program improvement. More information about professional development can be found on the staff tab and/or the calendar feature of this website.

Extended School Year. Mid-Valley provides the Extended School Year services (summer school) for the majority of the member district’s students with disabilities. More information about ESY can be found on the ESY tab.

Multi-District Work Groups or Committees. In order to support our common mission of quality services for students with disabilities, MVSEC may host specific work groups or committees. More information about these workgroups can be located in the professional development or calendar section of this website.