Family Support and Advocacy

Families are an important part of any student's education. In order to foster collaboration and support families, MVSEC offers several opportunities for parents including the parent network, parent resources, and pertinent topical presentations.

Parent Network

Parent network meetings are scheduled approximately every other month. The purpose of these meetings are twofold: (1) to bring parents and caregivers together to support each other and (2) to share resources and ideas regarding the care and education of children with disabilities. Parents of students of all ages and of all disabilities are encouraged to come. Information about these meetings is available from your child's teacher or on MVSEC's website.

Parent Resources

Every parent network meeting results in new resources for parents. These resources may range from advocacy services, medical services adapted playgrounds, theatre presentations, summer camps, or any other source of information. Parents are encouraged to bring, share, or ask questions. Shared resources are compiled on MVSEC's website.

Topical Presentations

As a result of the Parent Network and the results of the annual needs assessment, parents have reported that they would appreciate the opportunity to hear speakers on a variety of topics. Information will be provided via this website and from your child's teacher. We hope you will join us!

Emergency Closing Information

  • School closing information is available from a variety of sources, including the school district websites where your student's program is located, local TV/radio stations and the web at www.emergencyclosings.com Please use these resources to determine whether your student's school is closed for the day.
  • If your student attends a program that is not located in your home school district, please be aware that if your district is closed, transporation will NOT be provided, even if the district where the program is housed is in session. If you decide to transport your child to school under these circumstances, that is your choice, however regular transporation will not be provided.
  • If missed days are to be made up at the end of the school year, our satellite programs will continue to follow the calendar of the district/building in which they are located.