Support and Related Services

Support and related services are provided to eligible students placed in MVSEC programs in their many locations. A continuum of services from monitoring specific skills to direct intervention are provided based on students' needs as determined by the specialist and IEP team. Consultation services may also be provided to assist staff and/or families.

  • Occupational Therapists work with students ages 3-22 who have visual motor, fine motor and sensory processing deficits. School-based occupational therapy is designed to enhance the students' ability to fully access and be successful in the learning environment.

Ms. Andrea DeMola, OTR/L

Ms. Rona Henne, OTR/L

Ms. Samantha Pucci, OTR/L

Ms. Jennie Stellato, OTR/L

  • Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants provide support to students ages 3-22 for needs such as mobility, movement, posture, positioning, or safety in the school environment.

Ms. Mandy Hammack-Cote, PT

Ms. Lindsay Jorns, PT

  • Speech and Language Pathologists provide direct services for students to better facilitate expressive and receptive communication in the classroom and at appropriate worksite. They may also instruct students in the use of appropriate assistive technology and collaborate with other team members to maximize the generalization of skills

Ms. Jessica Antoniou, CCC-SLP

Ms. Mindy Kaplan, CCC-SLP

Ms. Kristin Dean, CCC-SLP

Ms. Valerie Mittman, CCC-SLP

Ms. Jamie Strock, CCC-SLP

Ms. Jodi Sell, CCC-SLP

  • School Psychology Services are provided for all students in the MVSEC programs. The duties primarily involve cognitive and behavioral assessments that are required for the three-year reevaluation of students. In addition, the school psychologist works closely with teachers to develop effective interventions and assessments of students. The psychologist supports teams in developing functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans for individual students.

Ms. Tracy Linning

  • Social Work Services are delivered using direct, consultation, group, or individual formats. Concepts are presented through discussion, games, problem-solving and role playing and include topics such as anger management, character education, alcohol and drug prevention, social skills, and bullying. For our older students and emphasis is placed on preparing students to transition into adult life. Social workers also provide support to teachers and assists with the implementation of social skill programs, problem solving skills, behavioral plans, and crisis intervention. In addition, social workers also work with parents and families to help them access services in the community.

Ms. Allison Backer, LCSW

Ms. Alexandra Cazzato, LCSW

Ms. Mary Ann Domaracki, MSW

Ms. Alicia Frantzen, LCSW

Ms. Reesa Kizior LCSW

Ms. Celina Wollak, LCSW

  • Vocational Services are delivered by vocational specialist who assist students in their transition to adulthood by providing employment skill training. The services emphasize identified career interests, pre-vocational responsibility, discipline and social skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment. On the job training (OJT) is practiced within our school buildings, at community work training sites, and through volunteer service opportunities. Job coaches assist with on-site training, provide necessary accommodations, and review progress with employers frequently.

Vocational Specialists: Ms. Nicole Claeson, Ms. Kimberley Payne, Mr. Gary Nielsen, Ms. Karen Belich, Ms. Meg Bingham, 

Job Coaches: Ms. Lori Powell, Ms. Bridget Koefelda, Ms. Lori Georgeson, Ms.Emily Parson Greene, Ms. Isabel Osborne, Ms. Heather Mendel

  • Adapted Physical Education Services are delivered by specially certified special/physical education teachers. The program is designed to help students with appropriate physical activities that will assist them in acquiring the skills necessary to participate in leisure activities, recreational or sports experiences, enhancing their physical fitness and wellness.

Mr. Mike Glabinski

  • Health/Nursing Services are delivered by a certified school nurse and are provided for all students in MVSEC programs. The duties primarily involve the creation and management of specialized health care plans, consultation with host school nurses, consultation with health assistants, communicating with parents and physicians, reviewing records and reporting health concerns required for the three-year reevaluation of students. For students who require full-time health services, the cooperative employs RN Assistants to support these students.

Ms. Jeanne Danos, CSN

Ms. Ann Aderman, RN

Ms. Cynthia Meo, RN

Ms. Rachael Angone, RN

  • Assistive Technology Services are a wide variety of services the focus on the tasks related to the student's IEP goals. Assistive technology is an item, piece of equipment or system, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that is commonly used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of the individuals with disabilities. MVSEC provides assistive technology services that may include: assessing the need for assistive technology; finding adapting, maintaining and repairing the assistive technology, as needed; training the student to use the assistive technology; or training the school staff and family to use the assistive technology.

Ms. Rona Henne, OTR/L

  • Teaching Assistants support instruction in all the Mid-Valley programs. They may perform many types of duties including instructing students under the supervision of the classroom teacher, supervising students in the integration of community settings, assisting students with personal care or many other types of supportive activities.

Extended School Year (ESY) Summer School). Mid-Valley hosts the summer program for all district and MVSEC students who meet the criteria for enrollment in special education summer school. If eligible, the IEP team will include the type of programming and support on the student's Individual Educational Plan (IEP), usually at the time of the annual review. ESY programs are designed to maintain the sills of students who might otherwise lose the benefits that they have gained throughout the course of the school year. MVSEC provides a variety of programming to serve the needs of all children with disabilities in two locations. If you have questions about your child's eligibility for ESY, please contact your child's case manager or teacher. More information regarding ESY can be found in the Extended School Year tab of the website.