Professional Development

At Mid-Valley, we recognize the importance of ongoing professional development to support the needs of our students, families, and staff. The goal of professional development at Mid-Valley is to provide high-quality training on a variety of topics supporting improved outcomes for the student’s and families that we serve. Professional learning opportunities are delivered through a variety of formats including large and small group workshops, professional dialogue, and on-site technical assistance designed to support application of professional learning. The objective is to provide the tools that teachers, support staff, administrators and parents need to better serve students, and to further develop programming for students with special needs.

Mid-Valley’s professional development activities are focused around service to our students. We strive to ensure that teams are educated in current methodologies and approaches for instruction, assessment and data based decision making.

Professional development opportunities offered through Mid-Valley are based on a framework to ensure basic knowledge and understanding of particular topics, acquisition of specific skills, and application of newly acquired skills through ongoing technical support and consultation.

Professional Development Framework

These sessions provide a basic knowledge of specific topics as well as skill development and practice on particular practices used by educators.

Technical Assistance:
Technical Assistants facilitate the transfer from skill or knowledge acquisition to practice. On site consultation will assist moving from just “acquiring information” to transforming how and what educators do in practice.

Professional Networks:
These interactive sessions provide individuals with similar roles and responsibilities the opportunity to meet various times during the year to share experiences and expertise. Topics are selected by groups based on their areas of interest, need, and current research and trends.

Specific topics identified for the various professional learning opportunities are based on multi-district needs assessment, district and cooperative improvement initiatives and input from administrators, parents and staff.

Professional Development Training Strands

Parental Resources and supports

Questions or ideas for future professional learning should be forwarded to Lisa Palese at Lisa.Palese@d303.org