Holiday Gift Giving
Holiday Gift Giving
Marianne Fidishin
Thursday, October 11, 2018

I know it's only October, but,WOW! it's already October!

In advance of the upcoming holiday season (and it will be here before we know!), the MVSEC leadership team has decided, in lieu of exchanging holiday gifts, meals and celebrations, we will be donating to our very own Giving Fund

We all know that we have families in need who could benefit far more from a simple monetary donation than we could ever from a token gift. We will be happy to accept a donation in the name  or in memory of someone special to you.  

Note, this does not mean that the Sunshine Committee has eliminated the Holiday Party.  Au contraire! It only means that we wish to share the respect, appreciation, and fondness we have for one another through a more altruistic and meaningful manner.