Itinerant Services

Mid-Valley provides itinerant services to students in MVSEC programs and students with special needs in district programs. These services are delivered by personnel who are assigned to a number of different schools and program locations. Services may be delivered as direct minutes with the student, or consultation minutes with staff/teams, or a combination of both, based on students' needs as determined by the IEP team.

  • Vision Itinerant Teachers provide services to students ages 3-22 whose vision impacts access to their educational environment. Students may benefit from individual academic skills, training in the use of vision aids, software and equipment. Some students benefit from instruction that will help them travel safely in their home and school environments.
  • Hearing Itinerant Teachers serve students ages 3-22 who have been identified with hearing loss. These teachers provide direct instruction minutes, implement follow-up procedures, and help to identify those way qualify for and are in need of hearing service intervention to ensure their academic success.

Ms. Angela Gregory

Ms. Sharon Jenkins

Ms. Yolanda Smith

Ms. Carolyn Viereckl